The Trials and Tribulations of taking Quickbooks to the Cloud (Part I)

Recently our organization made a concerted effort to move all of our main server applications to the Cloud.  We wanted to significantly reduce the amount of time we spent internally managing and maintaining our servers so we could dedicate our time more to our core business.  One of the servers we moved to the Cloud was our #Quickbooks Accounting server.  Internally this was a virtual machine running Windows 2003 accessible via remote desktop client (RDP) from inside the firewall or from the outside via VPN. We considered a couple of options before moving Quickbooks to the Cloud:1. Have our Quickbooks hosted by a third party hosting company with automatic backups

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IBM Connections – Setting the Community File Library to a 5 Gb or Unlimited Quota

To increase an IBM Connections Community File Library max size to 5GB, perform the following steps in the wsadmin command prompt on your DM or AppSrv profiles://execute the filesAdmin scriptexecfile(“”)// Get a list of libraries with detailed informationFilesLibraryService.browseCommunity(“title”, “true”, 1, 20)//Find your target library id// Check if the library is indeed your target library. More info is displayed as wellFilesLibraryService.getById(“f603f0a1-a463-46b7-b32b-1091cd4da1a0″)// Create a new policyFilesPolicyService.add(title=”5 GB Policy” maximumSize=5368709120)// Get the Policy ID by performing the following commandFilesPolicyService.browse(“title”, “true”, 1, 25)// Apply policy to the target community using the format: (“Community ID”,”Policy ID”)FilesLibraryService.assignPolicy(“f603f0a1-a463-46b7-b32b-1091cd4da1a0″, “f3f7b5e8-1972-4f7a-b39f-ba83a2a3bf74″)To set an IBM Connections Community File Library to an unlimited quote by doing the following:// Set unlimited for

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IBM Sametime Chat Notification pauses Windows Media Player

While playing music in the Windows Media Player running on Windows 7 64-bit playback would suddenly pause whenever I got a chat notification from IBM Sametime. Each and every  time I had to push play to get the music going again.  Very annoying!The problem turned out to be with a setting in Windows Control Panel that controls the behavior of the media player.  To fix the problem follow the steps below: a) Click on Start b) Click on Control Panel. c) In control panel select the option” Hardware and Sound” d) Now select the option “Sound”e) A new windows will appear, now click on the last tab “Communications” f) Change

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