SugarCRM install package for Lotus Foundations – LDAP integration

Here we explain how to integrate LDAP between SugarCRM  Lotus Foundations so that Lotus Foundations user account can login to SugarCRM without creating the new account into SugarCRM manually.

If you haven’t done to install SugarCRM on Lotus Foundations,

please go to here to download the install package

And, please check here for SugarCRM installation guide on Lotus Foundations server

also,  here for SugarCRM install package for Lotus Foundations ? SugarCRM Setup Wizard.

  1. Check your Louts Foundations LDAP Base DN. The LDAP Base DN supposes to be like below
    ou=users, dc=domain, dc=com

    For example, if your server name is,
    then Base DN is ou=users, dc= mydomain,dc=net

    If you want to test LDAP connection by using LDAP Client such as JXplorer(Open Source LDAP Client), the configuration will become like below

    Host:  server ip address
    Port: 389
    Protocol:LDAP v2
    Base DN: ou=users,dc=mydomain,dc=net
    Level: User + Password
    User DN: uid=root,ou=users,dc=mydomain,dc=net
    Password: root password

    Example for LDAP Client

    Example for LDAP Client

  2. Log-in to SugarCRM as administrator
  3. Click [Admin] link from top-right corner

    Admin Link of SugarCRM

    Admin Link of SugarCRM

  4. Click [Password Management] link from Admin Page

    Password Management Link of SugarCRM

    Password Management Link of SugarCRM

  5. Check [LDAP Support] checkbox
  6. Configure like below
    Enable LDAP Authentication: YES
    Server:  IP_ADDRESS
    Port Number: 389
    User DN: ou=users,dc=caicorp,dc=com
    User Filter:
    Bind Attribute: dn
    Login Attribute: uid
    Group Membership:
    Auto Create Users: YES
    Encryption Key:

    LDAP configuration on SugarCRM

    LDAP configuration on SugarCRM

  7. Click [Save] button

That’s all.

Please test if you can log-in as Lotus Foundations user.

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