Change the proxy policy to add the external iWidget to IBM Connections 3.0.1

When I tried to add some new widgets such as Lotus Learning Widget, XPages Widget, Widgets wrapping iGoogle Gadgets  into IBM Connections 3.0.1, I faced the problem below.

BMWIW0001E: Unable to load iWidget ******************************* Status: 403

Basically this error was caused since IBM Connections security policy was increased for external domain access.

Below is the way to enable the external iWidget on IBM Connections.

  1. Go to the LotusConnections-config folder
    (Sample path) /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Dmgr01/config/cells/connectionsCell01/LotusConnections-config/
  2. Open proxy-config.tpl file to edit
  3. Add following line under <!– BEGIN CUSTOMIZATIONS HERE –>

    <proxy:policy url=”*” acf=”none”>

    Note: you can set the policy url=”*” if you would like to allow widgets from any external domain

  4. Save the file and close.
  5. To propagate this file change, Go to Deployment Manager Console (WebSphere)
  6. Go to [System administration] -> [Nodes] from left navigation
    IBM Connection 3.0.1iWidget
  7. Go to [Applications] ->[Application Types] -> [WebSphere enterpise applications], then restart applications.
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