IBM Connections – Setting the Community File Library to a 5 Gb or Unlimited Quota

To increase an IBM Connections Community File Library max size to 5GB, perform the following steps in the wsadmin command prompt on your DM or AppSrv profiles:

//execute the filesAdmin script

// Get a list of libraries with detailed information
FilesLibraryService.browseCommunity("title", "true", 1, 20)
//Find your target library id
// Check if the library is indeed your target library. More info is displayed as well
// Create a new policy
FilesPolicyService.add(title="5 GB Policy" maximumSize=5368709120)
// Get the Policy ID by performing the following command
FilesPolicyService.browse("title", "true", 1, 25)
// Apply policy to the target community using the format: ("Community ID","Policy ID")
FilesLibraryService.assignPolicy("f603f0a1-a463-46b7-b32b-1091cd4da1a0", "f3f7b5e8-1972-4f7a-b39f-ba83a2a3bf74")

To set an IBM Connections Community File Library to an unlimited quote by doing the following:

// Set unlimited for default community library size
FilesPolicyService.edit("00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001", "!Default for Community Files", 0)

// Set unlimited for personal library size
FilesPolicyService.edit("00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "!Default for Personal Files", 0)

There should be no need to restart Connections. Please check your libraries and you should see the max size increased to 5GB or unlimited.

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