IBM Collaboration and Social Business Solutions Remote Support Services (with 24/7 Option)

CAI provides enterprise level IBM Collaboration and Social Business Solutions remote support services to its customers that require it.   Since each customer’s needs are different, we can tailor the level and type of support to a customer’s specific requirements.

Here is a summary of what level and type of support we can provide including 24/7:

Various levels of client customizable support available that affect pricing:

  1. 24/7: Weekends, National Holidays may be included or excluded

  2. 9/5: Regular Business Hours only (no After Hours support)

  3. Regular and After Hours may be purchased in advance and in various bundles at reduced hourly rates for minimum one year contracts (purchased hours expire annually)

  4. Response times available are Best Effort Response Time or Guaranteed Response Time and may be assigned differently based on the type of day: Weekday, Weekend or Holiday

Software and Platforms supported:

  1. IBM Domino Server (All Versions) on Windows or Linux
  2. IBM Notes Client (All Versions) on Windows and Mac
  3. IBM Sametime
  4. IBM iNotes
  5. IBM Connections
  6. IBM Notes Traveler
  7. IBM Notes
  8. Domino Third party Applications
  9. Virtual Server Software integration