HCL Enterprise Domino Remote Support Services (with 24/7 Option)

CAI provides enterprise level HCL Enterprise Domino Remote Support Services (with 24/7 Option) to its customers that require it.   Since each customer’s needs are different, we tailor the level and type of support to a customer’s specific requirements.

Here is a summary of what level and type of support we can provide including 24/7:

Various levels of client customizable support available that affect pricing:

  • 24/7: Weekends, National Holidays may be included or excluded
  • 9/5: Regular Business Hours only (no After Hours support)
  • Regular and After Hours may be purchased in advance and in various bundles at reduced hourly rates for minimum one year contracts (purchased hours expire annually)
  • Response times available are Best Effort Response Time or Guaranteed Response Time and may be assigned differently based on the type of day: Weekday, Weekend or Holiday

Software and Platforms supported:

  • Domino Server (All Versions) on Windows or Linux
  • Notes Client (All Versions) on Windows and Mac
  • Sametime
  • iNotes Web Client
  • Verse Web
  • Notes Traveler
  • Notes Client
  • Domino Third party Applications
  • Virtual Server Software integration