Add DKIM and DMARC support for Domino Mail

As we all continue drowning in spam mail, many organizations such as Google and Microsoft are requiring mail senders to have an SPF record and to stamp all outgoing mail using DKIM. In addition, adding DMARC on top of SPF and DKIM will further improve your incoming HCL Domino’s SMTP mail’s reputation and will considerably reduce the chance that it will be sent to junk mail.

SPF, DKIM and DMARC are not new standards. They have been around for many years. However, the pace of adoption has increased rapidly in the past couple of years to help deal with the deluge of spam that has overtaken our inboxes.

Unfortunately, even with two new versions of Domino and Notes having been released, version 10 in 2018 and version 11 in 2019, support for DKIM has not yet been added. There have been plans to include support for DKIM, but, at the moment, Domino users need to take matters in their own hands and add support for DKIM themselves. Therefore, for those companies still using Domino mail, the best alternative is to setup another SMTP mail server in front of your Domino server to be configured to stamp all mail with DKIM, Once DKIM is added, then DMARC is then possible to add as well.

You can trust Computer Architechs International Corporation to add DKIM quickly and securely to your Domino SMTP mail environment. We have helped many other Domino customers do exactly that. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized quote today to help with installing and configuring DKIM for your organization. Don’t wait until you find out your customers are not getting your mails because they’re ending up in the junk folder.

Let us help you certify your outgoing Domino SMTP mail with DKIM and DMARC today!