HCL Notes Applications

SSO between XPages and IBM ConnectionsCAI specializes in providing customized software solutions for HCL for all versions including the latest version 12. Since our inception we have had a very strong focus on Notes and we continue to maintain our lead in developing tailor-made Notes applications for our clients. To date we have done this for companies in the medical, banking, accounting, travel, show management, and legal sectors. However, we are not limited to these particular industries. Just as Notes is a useful tool for virtually any type of business, we can develop a customized Notes product to fit almost any company’s needs.

CAI has provided Notes-specific solutions merging LotusScript, Javascript, Formula Language, AJAX, XML, JSON, and Java. We also have years of experience integrating Notes with other products. For example, using C, C#, C++, Visual Basic, OLE, and COM, we have built systems for customers that incorporate Lotus Notes as an important component of the entire system, but that run completely outside of Lotus Notes.

Notes Integration with ProLaw

For a global insurance company, we integrated IBM Lotus Notes with ProLaw, a law firm business management software made by Elite. ProLaw allows attorneys to fully automate the practice and manage the business of law. What we’re doing with ProLaw is integrating Notes with ProLaw and Microsoft SQL Server to send appointments as iCalender attachments to attorneys as soon as they are scheduled. The fully automated process supports one-way new, updated and canceled appointments from ProLaw to IBM Notes. This allows attorneys and clerks the ability to keep track of their appointments in real time without needing to manually update their Notes calender or reference the separate ProLaw calendar.

In Phase 2 of this project, the process will be updated to allow for a two-way communication between ProLaw and Lotus Notes where ProLaw appointments are automatically added to an attorney’s calendar and can be managed within Notes Traveler and iNotes applications. Furthermore, the ProLaw administrator will be notified of declined appointments and reschedule requests to handle as needed.

Notes Mail Metadata Extraction

For another customer, we created a Visual Basic-based system that automatically opens up a Notes mail database using COM and OLE. It then follows all the links to the views and folders and extracts metadata from every document and saves it to a Microsoft Access database. OLE was used to take snapshots of each document as it was opened. The captured images were saved to the Access database as well. We even supported Rich Text fields by incorporating database, view and document links as well as attachments and other Rich Text elements. The product is used commercially today to provide law firms with a way to extract metadata from mail files for auditing purposes in Notes clients.

Here are just some of the technologies we use to build Notes solutions:

  1. XPages
  2. LotusScript
  3. Formula language
  4. Java
  5. Notes C API
  6. Notes C++ API
  7. C++/CLI
  8. C#
  9. OLE
  10. Notes COM API
  11. LEI (DECS)
  12. Javascript
  13. XML
  14. AJAX
  15. JSON
  16. Dojo

CAI can assist you with your next Notes project. Take advantage of our wealth of experience in Notes development today.