Mobile Application Development

“Mobilize” your Workforce!


CAI is a pioneer in building customized solutions for the Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Google Android devices. Since the advent of mobile devices, we have stayed abreast of the ever-changing mobile device industry. Mobile devices have gone through a major metamorphosis in their very short life span, from a disconnected device great for calendaring and scheduling, to a full-blown multi-featured unit capable of making phone calls, sending instant messages, delivering and receiving e-mail, running sophisticated applications, allowing people to stay on top of social media , and much, much more.

CAI develops applications for a variety of clients. Our applications can be tailored to a particular platform or designed to run on all of the most recent smartphones and other mobile devices. There are very few applications that cannot be applied to a mobile device, and we have helped many clients “mobilize” their legacy applications.

Develop Applications for any Mobile Platform

Whether you want to build a native mobile application for a specific mobile platform or you just want to take a current web application and run it on multiple mobile platforms utilizing the very latest in technology, such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, we can help you understand the path to take and design and develop a customized app for you. The ultimate advantage of creating an HTML5 based application is that you can, not only bypass having to publish your application to the various application stores, but you can also build one application that will also run on Desktops such as Windows, Mac, and Linux with very little customization.

Develop Web Applications to Run in all Mobile Browsers


Another option is to format a current web application to be viewable from any mobile device browser, not just a smartphone or tablet. Even if the application is database driven this is something that is ideal to do so that your application can support the widest range of mobile devices possible without needing extensive development.

Mobile Web Applications for HCL Domino Customers

For those businesses that run the latest version of HCL Notes and Domino, we can build you mobile web applications using the Rapid Application Development environment based on HCL’s latest Web development platform that includes Node.JS. XPages

CAI can assist in developing new or improving your current mobile applications. Please contact us to get mobilized!

Mobile Device Platforms with which we have extensive development experience:

– Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
– Google Android Phones and Tablets