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“Social software helps enterprises define their collaboration agenda,” said Alistair Rennie, general manager, IBM Collaboration Solutions Software. “The use of social software can transform the way people work increasing the speed of business.”

Computer Architechs International Corporation is a leading provider of IBM Social Software solutions. IBM is at the forefront of the explosive use of social networking for everyday business by being a proven leader in the corporate social networking arena. Currently, IBM provides two major social software platforms; one as an on premise solution called IBM Connections (Lotus Connections) and the other as a cloud based solution called IBM SmartCloud for Social Business (LotusLive) Connections.

IBM Connections Custom Widget with XWork server

IBM Connections Custom Widget with XWork server

This is how IBM defines the two platforms:

IBM Connections is software that empowers business professionals to develop, nurture and remain in contact with a network of their colleagues; respond quickly to business opportunities by calling upon expertise in their network; and discuss and refine new creative ideas with communities of coworkers, partners and customers.

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business (LotusLive) Connections is an innovative set of Web-based collaboration services combined with social networking capabilities. IBM SmartCloud for Social Business (LotusLive) Connections features include file sharing, business instant messaging, activity management and networking.

Computer Architechs International Corporation, as an IBM Advanced Level Business Partner, has extensive experience in the implementation, customization and deployment of IBM Connections (Lotus Connections) and IBM Sametime (Lotus Sametime). Our certified consultants can assist you in determining which platform would be the best fit for your organization based on your needs, future direction and growth projections. Allow us to discuss with you how social software for businesses can help transform the way your employees work and interact with your customers.

Furthermore, if you are currently an IBM Lotus Notes and Domino customer, we can also assist you in integrating IBM Connections (Lotus Connections) and IBM Sametime (Lotus Sametime) seamlessly into your environment so that it becomes a part of your everyday use of Lotus Notes to speed up the adoption by your organization’s employees. We can also leverage the newest Lotus Domino (IBM XWork) Server technology such as XPages to facilitate integration on the Web and provide a seamless dashboard interface for your employees to use so that they don’t realize they’re actually using separate applications.