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E-Commerce Development

JTB Rail Pass B2C ecommerce site
JTB Rail Pass B2C site

CAI has built E-Commerce websites for clients with our strong technical skills for business of all sizes. We help you design and develop smooth online shopping experiences for both your customers and your organization.

JTB USA: In 2013, CAI partnered with JTB USA Inc., Japan’s largest travel agency with a very large presence in the United States and all over the globe, to design the site which ties in Chase Paymentech, Federal Express, and Sabre Travel Network for a seamless, simple online shopping cart web experience. The site, based completely on IBM Lotus Domino Server (aka IBM Domino Server), allows U.S. customers seeking to tour Japan by train, to quickly and easily purchase Japan Rail Pass vouchers and redeem them for unlimited travel on Japan Rail Group (JR) trains for limited periods of time. More details

Employee Task Automation

CAI builds internal customized applications for organizations to help them drastically improve efficiency and employee productivity for mundane and complex tasks allowing companies to increase customer response time and satisfaction quickly and effectively. CAI works closely with organizations to thoroughly understand the many repetitive tasks employees are challenged with. Then we design, tailor, develop and deliver a customized application with an employee friendly user interface specifically for that customer with the final goal to not only improve employee productivity, but also employee satisfaction. Ultimately we see extremely high ROI for these custom applications from customers as redundant employees can be re-purposed on other tasks and errors are virtually eliminated from the entire process.

American Holiday Tour System: CAI built an internally available web based system, American Holiday Tours System (AHTS) for Kintetsu International Express Inc. (KIE), the U.S. branch of one of Japan’s largest travel agencies, Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. The system, based completely on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP), allowed KIE to much more effectively manage their bus tour scheduling including hotel booking and passenger pick ups. Before AHTS was developed, KIE’s process was mostly manual where staff had to manage the tours using phone, fax and electronic spreadsheets. This new system allowed KIE to drastically reduce paperwork and increase cost savings across the board. In addition, staff saw great time savings with much fewer clerical errors along with increased customer satisfaction through quicker bookings and order turnaround.

JTB USA Online Japan Rail Pass System: When CAI developed the E-Commerce website for JTB USA Inc., the system not only allowed customers a smooth and user friendly online shopping experience, but it also provided a way for JTB staff members to process Japan Rail Pass orders quickly and effectively. Before this new system went online, JTB staff had 5 separate processes for completing orders: 1) Take customer order over the phone, via e-mail or through an online inquiry; 2) Charge the customer using a manual credit card POS system; 3) Use a typewriter to fill out the vouchers; 4) Enter the full order again into the Sabre console; and 5) Manually enter the shipping information into the Federal Express website to create a shipping label for shipment. The new system reduced the total task time from around 30 – 60 minutes to fewer than 2 minutes. Clerically errors were virtually eliminated by allowing customers to create orders online, which were automatically routed to staff, who could then process the order within a few clicks. No more manual entry of customer information multiple times, voucher printing was completely automated using a Lexmark Forms printer, and with Federal Express, Sabre and Chase Paymentech integration, shipment, order, and payment processing became a breeze. This new system drastically improved staff productivity, customer response time and customer order tracking.

Online Conference Systems with Mobile and Social

CAI has built online conference systems since 1998 to help event and conference managers eliminate the need for paper conference guides and other printed material, increase attendee engagement through mobile and social, and provide new revenue streams by giving sponsorship opportunities across multiple platforms and interfaces.

Social Business Online 2013 Android App Dashboard
Social Business Online 2013 Android App Dashboard

IBM Lotusphere and Connect Conference: Since 1999, CAI has been partnering with IBM to provide the online system for Lotusphere, an annual conference hosted by IBM Lotus Software, now re-branded as IBM ConnectED. We have a long history providing technical solutions and have had great success taking the latest technology breakthroughs of IBM Social Business and Collaboration Solutions Software and applying them to conferences.

In 2013, CAI delivered the online conference system “Social Business Online,” which allowed conference attendees to get the most out of their conference experience. Social Business Online 2013 was an updated and improved version of the tool used at IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2012. Social Business Online leveraged the power of XPages seamlessly integrated with many of IBM’s social collaboration and mobile tools including IBM Connections and IBM Sametime. It allowed users to experience Social Business for themselves from almost anywhere an Internet connection was available. More Conferences

Tailor your Websites to your Mobile Audience

Nothing scares off a mobile user more than a site that does not fit properly on a smaller tablet or smartphone screen. It is very important to tailor your site to keep your mobile users engaged by eliminating unnecessary horizontal scrolling and pinch-zooming to make tiny text legible. Too often a website is built for the desktop browser without considering the mobile experience. The number of people browsing the Internet using a mobile device is increasing exponentially on an annual basis. CAI can help you customize your current site to automatically format for smaller screens or build a new site specifically for your mobile users.

AAOS Code-X Tablet Screenshot
AAOS Code-X Tablet Screenshot

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: Through our partnership with American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) in developing mobile applications, CAI built the AAOS Orthopaedic Code-X mobile website. The site has similar functions to those available on the native AAOS Code-X X-Lite mobile applications. In addition, CAI developed the site to provide a seamless mobile experience on all types of mobile platforms including iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows Phones and Blackberry 10 devices.

Social Business Online: At IBM Lotusphere (Now re-branded as IBM ConnectED), CAI delivered the online conference system “Social Business Online,” which allowed conference attendees to get the most out of their conference experience. The attendees were able to access their conference schedules, network and chat instantly with other attendees, set status updates, act on social recommendations, interact with Twitter feeds, create profiles, participate in communities and forums, create wikis, share favorite bookmarks, microblog and so much more. CAI also provided the same mobile experience for most smartphones, phablets and tablets as well as your basic cell phones which came equipped with a simple internet browser. With attendees coming from all over the world, it was extremely important for the mobile site to support devices of all types and formats, not just the high end tablets and smartphones.

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