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IBM Connections – Setting the Community File Library to a 5 Gb or Unlimited Quota

TweetTo increase an IBM Connections Community File Library max size to 5GB, perform the following steps in the wsadmin command prompt on your DM or AppSrv profiles://execute the filesAdmin scriptexecfile(“”)// Get a list of libraries with detailed informationFilesLibraryService.browseCommunity(“title”, “true”, 1,

Change the proxy policy to add the external iWidget to IBM Connections 3.0.1

TweetWhen I tried to add some new widgets such as Lotus Learning Widget, XPages Widget, Widgets wrapping iGoogle Gadgets  into IBM Connections 3.0.1, I faced the problem below. BMWIW0001E: Unable to load iWidget ******************************* Status: 403 Basically this error was

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