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The Trials and Tribulations of taking Quickbooks to the Cloud (Part I)

Recently our organization made a concerted effort to move all of our main server applications to the Cloud.  We wanted to significantly reduce the amount of time we spent internally managing and maintaining our servers so we could dedicate our time more to our core business. 

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Is backup the “killer app” for IBM Lotus Foundations Start server appliance?

It is really difficult to pinpoint one particular feature of the IBM Lotus Foundations Start server as the “killer app”.  Lotus Foundations comes with so many handy, crucial SMB tools and each and every one of them is important.  However, if I was forced to choose one feature I would probably have to choose backups.

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Is the IBM Lotus Foundations Start server software appliance really “too good to be true”?

We’ve begun selling and explaining the IBM Lotus Foundations Start (LFS) server software appliance to existing and potential customers.  I show them a side-by-side comparison chart with a competing small business solution so that they can compare apples-to-apples.  After a short explanation, I’ve gotten comments such as:

– “This sounds too good to be true”

– “Why would I not choose Lotus Foundations?”


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