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Disk corruption causes Lotus Foundations Start server CPU to spike and become inaccessible

On 2 separate occasions and on 2 separate Lotus Foundations Start IBM servers, we experienced a problem where the server became inaccessible remotely and even on-site. Even the handy LCD panel buttons were unresponsive when pressed. Furthermore, since the server

Marrying IBM Lotus Foundations Start Server with LotusLive

We find that IBM Lotus Foundations Start Server (LFS) is a great solution for the SMB.  It is especially useful for those companies that need to either upgrade an old server or do not have a server installed yet.  With

Is backup the “killer app” for IBM Lotus Foundations Start server appliance?

It is really difficult to pinpoint one particular feature of the IBM Lotus Foundations Start server as the “killer app”.  Lotus Foundations comes with so many handy, crucial SMB tools and each and every one of them is important.  However,

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