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How to Speed Up your Notes Standard (Eclipse-based) Client

Here’s how to increase your Eclipse memory usage: 1. Close your Notes client 2. Go to your Notes client installation directory of C:…\Notes\framework\rcp\deploy and edit the file by changing: vmarg.Xmx=-Xmx256m orvmarg.Xmx=-Xmx512morvmarg.Xmx=-Xmx1024m 3. Save and close the file then start your

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Lotus Notes 8.5 Basic client logs onto Sametime Entry 8.5.1 but still shows status as Disconnected

We were trying to get a customer configured to use his Lotus Notes Basic 8.5 client to connect to his newly installed Lotus Sametime Entry 8.5.1 server on Microsoft Windows 2008. When the customer tried to log in, he seemed