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Lotus Protector for Mail Security

TweetLotus Protector for Mail Security is an appliance suitable for businesses who are looking to proactively protect their email systems from spam and viruses. This appliance comes in two flavors (deployment flexibility), as a hardware software combo appliance (Rack Unit :

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Converting Multiple Byte Characters between C++/CLI and Notes C API

TweetTo manipulate the multiple byte characters like Japanese, Korean, Chinese with Notes C API, you will need to convert Native characters Code to LMBCS. As per C++/CLI supports UNICODE as default, I recommend to use UNICODE for manipulating the String

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How to configure Notes C API with C++/CLI on Visual Studio

TweetI wrote this article since there are little information about how to use Notes C API on C++/CLI with CLR. Below is the settings to configure the DLL project with using Notes C API on C++/CLI. I am using Visual

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