How to Create a bootable USB Memory Key for Ghosting

It is useful to restore ghost image by using a bootable USB memory key.  The following are the steps for creating a bootable USB memory key with a ghost image on it.

1. Download and install the Windows based HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.

2. Download the Windows 98 system boot up files.

3. Insert the USB memory key into your computer and run the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.

4. Make sure that the USB memory key is selected int the HP format tool program.

5.  In the HP format tool program, under the file system drop down list, select FAT32.

6. In the HP format tool program,  under the format options check “Create a DOS startup disk”. Select “using DOS system files locate at:  then click on the box with three dots.  Browse to the windows 98 boot up files folder then click on the OK button.

7. In the HP format tool program click the start button.

8. After you created the bootable USB memory key you can copy your ghost image to the USB key.

9. Now you should be able to boot your machine with the USB and restore the ghost image

Please note:  That some machines do not allow booting from a USB drive be default.  You may have to change some settings in your machines BIOS to enable this option.  Also, please realize that some older machines do not allow you to boot from a USB.

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