Is the IBM Lotus Foundations Start server software appliance really “too good to be true”?

We’ve begun selling and explaining the IBM Lotus Foundations Start (LFS) server software appliance to existing and potential customers.  I show them a side-by-side comparison chart with a competing small business solution so that they can compare apples-to-apples.  After a short explanation, I’ve gotten comments such as:

– “This sounds too good to be true”

– “Why would I not choose Lotus Foundations?”

However, customers still show hesitation because the underlying operating system is Linux and there is concern regarding interoperability with Windows.  Of course, we know that we can load a virtual environment with Windows on it, but that is not the same as having the whole appliance running Windows.  This is not a show stopper by any means.  Customers are wowed (as I stated above) by all that LFS can do and they are pleased that they are now afforded a choice in the SMB market.  At the same time, LFS is a significant upfront investment for smaller businesses, so they want to vet this new opportunity before taking the leap.

I’m confident that LFS can hold its own as it really is not “too good to be true”.  It is truly a great solution that, not only offer SMBs a stable and reliable alternative,  but, also, I believe will allow SMBs to streamline their IT infrastructure while also allowing them to spend more time focusing on their core business.

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