Computer Architechs adds IBM Lotus Foundations Start server into its growing portfolio of services

Computer Architechs International Corporation has added IBM Lotus Foundations Start server into its growing portfolio of services. Computer Architechs joins IBM in recognizing that small and medium-sized business from 5-500 users spent entirely too much time maintaining and supporting their IT environments rather than focusing on their businesses.

IBM Lotus Foundations Start (LFS) server helps solve an SMB’s IT support dilemma by being an affordable, easy-to-administer, all-in-one-IT-solution. LFS marries IBM’s proven track record with world class, reliable server technology along with state-of-the-art software to provide a software and hardware appliance that you just have to literally “drop” into a customer’s site.

The hardware that IBM supplies is an xSeries server that is part of their x3200 and x3400 family. However, the similarities end there. To make this a server that is truly easy to use, IBM has added an LCD panel that allows you to manage the server without a keyboard or monitor. Furthermore, IBM has integrated its Intelligent Disk Backup (IDB) technology right into the hardware allowing even the smallest of companies to benefit from true, disaster recovery backups and restores. To round out the hardware package, IBM has added one more technological innovation: a flash ROM drive that contains LFS’s operating system already pre-installed. This means that, even if the main hard drive fails, the server can still boot to the operating system to allow a one-button restore from the most recent backup to restore the server back to exactly where it was when the last backup was taken. In the event the most recent backup media is not readily available, since the server is booted, LFS can still function as file and print server and provide access to the Internet until a full restore can be accomplished.

The software that IBM provides combines email, calendar, contacts, firewall, anti-spam, anti-virus, file sharing, print sharing, vpn (office remote connectivity), office tools (that rival Microsoft Office), disaster recovery backup, website hosting into a neat and small business friendly interface. No more do all of the above-mentioned functions need to be managed separately by an internal IT person or an external IT consultant costing your company time and money. Once the appliance is turned on for the first time, it take just 30 minutes to install and configure all of the components. You are up and running in less than hour and can go back to focusing on your business.

If your office has two Internet connections, LFS will automatically failover from one connection to the other, if necessary. This way your office is always up and running on the Internet seamlessly. In most cases you won’t even know that one of your connections was down.

Finally, IBM has incorporated its self-healing, self-managing and self-configuring technology right into the operating system. You no longer have to be concerned about whether the anti-virus was updated or not, whether the OS has the latest patches, or if the backups are current. This is all managed by the LFS appliance automatically and behind-the-scenes.

If you are interested in the IBM Lotus Foundations Start server appliance for your business please contact us at 888-614-2197, e-mail us at, or leave us a request at the following URL:

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