Computer Architechs approved to resell IBM xSeries servers

On September 11, 2009, IBM approved Computer Architechs International Corporation as an IBM xSeries server reseller. Now, Computer Architechs is able to resell IBM xSeries servers along with the IBM software we sell. This allows us to provide a more packaged solution to our customers seeking both hardware and software solutions. It also gives us the opportunity to provide IBM xSeries servers to those customers who may be seeking only a hardware purchase at any given time. This further enhances the portfolio of services we can offer our current and future clientele.

In addition, IBM’s approval to resell IBM xSeries servers rounds out our ability to introduce IBM’s newest software and hardware appliance, IBM Lotus Foundations Start server, to SMBs all over Southern California. IBM Lotus Foundations Start server combines a leading edge IBM xSeries server with a variety of crucial software components aimed at reducing the amount of time and money small and medium-sized companies spend on their IT infrastructure. These software components include email, calendar, contacts, file sharing, print sharing, disaster recovery backups, vpn, firewall, antivirus, antispam, office tools, website and more in a stable, reliable and easy-to-administer appliance.

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